You are a Vibration


Humans, like everything, are made up of atomic particles of Energy. So we’re each simply the Energy Vibration flowing through us and expressing itself in physical form.

The quality of your Vibration determines the quality of your life.

A happy Vibration expresses a happy life. An  unhappy Vibration expresses an unhappy life. A poor Vibration expresses a poor life. A wealthy Vibration expresses a wealthy life.

Change your Vibration and you change your life.



FOCUS Your Energy


The Sun’s Energy shining down on a piece of paper heats it up. But focus that same amount of sunlight on that same piece of paper by using a magnifying glass and the paper is burned to ashes. The paper is transformed from solid paper to burned ashes. This is the power of focus.

Humans follow this exact same Law of Focus. You must focus your energy on your Desire in order to transform it to its desired state.

The interesting thing about human beings is that we are both the Source of Energy (like the Sun) and the Focusing tool (like the magnifying glass). We focus our Energy on a Desire by using our Mind.

Unfortunately, we live in a world full of distractions from friends, society, TV, social media, emails, phone calls, and so much more. This makes it ever more difficult for people to focus on any one thing at a time. Like the unfocused Sun, we heat many things up but transform nothing.

But the secret to success in anything is focus. Take the time each day to empty out your Mind of all distractions, sit quietly, and focus your attention on your Desire. This focuses your Energy on that Desire and transforms it from a thought to your desired state.

Focus. Focus. Focus.



Changing Your Inner Changes Your Outer


When a pot of water gets heated up enough, it turns to water vapour. At this new inner temperature, the liquid must turn to gas to return the Energy in the environment to a stable state of equilibrium. On a larger scale, storms also occur to re-establish equilibrium upon a change in Energy levels in nature.

Humans are part of nature and follow the same Law. When you change your mindset inside, your outer life must change to match your new mindset. Just like with water, there must be balance between your inner and outer.

The mind is the tool that human beings use to change their state (or place in life) like water uses heat to change from liquid to gas.

This is why every notable success coach and philosopher has always taught that when you change your mind, you change your life. Change your inner and you change your outer.



Financial Freedom is NOT about your Bank Account


Everywhere we turn someone tells us that once we achieve a certain dollar amount in passive income or savings or cash in the bank, then we can relax because we have finally arrived at that ultimate destination – Financial Freedom.

It couldn’t be further from the truth. We could have $100 in the bank or $100 million in the bank and still not feel financially-free. Why? Because financial freedom has nothing to do with the dollar amount in our bank account.

Financial freedom comes from what we believe about this idea called Money. If we believe that money is limited, scarce, and we have to compete and struggle for it, we will never be or feel financially-free.

Let’s use water to explain this. We have a water faucet in the kitchen. Whenever we need water, we turn it on and it delivers water. And it never runs dry. So we may not have a glass of water in our hands right now, but we know that we can access water whenever we need it. We don’t believe water is limited or scarce and that we have to struggle for it. So, we are “water-free.”

The same concept applies to money. Let’s say we need a certain amount of money to purchase a desire. And we don’t have this dollar amount in our bank account at this moment. In this situation, there are 2 types of people and subconscious reactions:

One of these two people believes he can never get the money he needs. The second person believes he absolutely can get this money or any future money he needs at its right time. Both people may have the exact same dollar amount in each of their bank accounts. But only the second person is financially-free.

The individual who learns how to turn on the money faucet when money is needed is financially-free. She doesn’t need to store the money in a bank account to be or feel financially-free. She simply walks over to her inner faucet and turns it on.

That’s real Financial Freedom.



People Fear Big Success… not Failure


The 2012 Wimbledon Final is tomorrow July 8, 2012. Wimbledon is arguably the most prestigious and coveted tennis trophy in the world. The title contenders are the Swiss great Roger Federer and the Scotsman Andy Murray.

Federer has the opportunity to claim his 7th Wimbledon title and regain his #1 ranking. Murray is the first Brit to appear in the Final in 74 years and a whole nation is rooting for him.

Right now, somewhere in London, Federer and Murray are relaxing and anticipating tomorrow’s big match. While they wait, every major newspaper, TV channel and website around the world is talking about them.

Wow, what pressure… this is the biggest stage.

Most of us ask for success in some form but subconsciously big success scares us to death. We believe that it’s because we are afraid to fail that many of us don’t even attempt anything. But no, we are afraid of the big success on the big stage and the daily scrutiny that comes with it.

So we take our natural talents and hide them under a rock. We’re too shy, too timid to speak up and express our gifts. We never try to raise our heads too high above the crowd. We stay hidden in the crowd. Never trying to draw too much attention to ourselves.

Be honest. Look within. This fear of big success is there. When we acknowledge and expose a fear, it begins to dissolve away naturally. It dissolves away because it’s not real. It’s an illusion.

We were born big successes but we were convinced by society that we should be small. We’re just taking back who we are. It’s not an achievement. It’s our innate being.

So be big. Don’t hide away. Don’t be shy. Express yourself. And maybe one day, you’ll be reading about yourself in the newspaper.