Money is Free


Money is free. Always has been and always will be.

The Source that physically expresses itself as money is available to you and me and everyone, now and forever. So if you ever lose your job or business, or if you lose money in any other way, simply connect to the Source that expresses money and allow it to create more money.

The Source is free.

How do you connect to this Source? Be stillness. Be silence. Be Source.



What is “Thinking”?


We all accept that thoughts are powerful. Our thoughts determine what we become and what we achieve. Predominantly negative thoughts create negative results. Predominantly positive thoughts create positive results.

Tons of personal development books including the popular ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill clearly state that the path to riches begins with thought. Think. Then, do. Then, have what we desire.

However, a lot of us think, or at least we believe we think, and do not achieve what we desire. Why? Well, have we ever stopped to ask ourselves if we truly understand the word “think?”

Not the dictionary meaning of the word “think.” The real meaning of the word.

Our conscious mind consists of memories and knowledge that we’ve each accumulated from our life experiences over time. This is all neatly-organized information for us to tap into whenever we choose to. As such, when we want to create something new, we instinctively look inside our conscious mind for instructions. We call this “thinking.”

However, if we have never before experienced the thing we are looking to create, our conscious mind cannot help us. We retrieve the same old knowledge and run it in a circle in our mind over and over again. It’s like riding a stationary bike and expecting to move forward. We can sit in a room for years and think like this, and we will get nowhere.

In addition, because the new desire is not in there, our conscious mind has no memory or knowledge of it, and therefore after a few minutes of thinking, the mind tells us that we cannot achieve it. It’s just not logical to believe we can.

This is not thinking.

We each have access to Universal Wisdom – the accumulated Wisdom of past and present – available to us. This is what we often refer to as intuition. A feeling of knowing something that we never actually experienced before. Something that is not in our conscious mind. Something new.

Thinking is silencing the conscious mind in order to be able to access this Universal Wisdom. All new inventions, discoveries, and creations come from this Source.

When true philosophers and success coaches state that we must “think,” they’re implying we must figure out our own unique method for tapping into this Source of Universal Wisdom for new knowledge in order to manifest our new desires.

So, think.



Napoleon Hill’s Thought + Positive Emotion


In Napoleon Hill’s inspirational classic “Think and Grow Rich,” he asserts that we must add intense positive emotions (like love and faith) to the thought of our desire in order for us to successfully achieve that desire.

This is a concept that a lot of people have trouble understanding and implementing. How do we add intense emotions like faith or white-hot burning passion to a thing like a thought? Hill does teach us that we must repeat positive affirmations regularly to our subconscious. However, a lot of people have trouble successfully doing this.

Well, the answer to this problem lies in taking a small step backwards. Step back and take a closer look at the desire. When we have something we are truly passionate about and truly desire, we have intense positive emotions about it. The thought of that passion comes with its own built-in positive emotions. We can’t help but want to get involved in the passion. We don’t need to imbue this thought with any positive emotion such as love. Love is already there.

Even an initial lack of faith in ourselves can’t stop us from going after this desire. Our love of it, our passion for it, overrides everything else.

So, if we desire something but we are finding it difficult to feed positive emotion to the thought of it, chances are it’s not the right desire for us. Maybe we believe we should want that desire. But if we have to work to get passionate about something, then step back and look at it again. It may be time to shed the desire, let it go, and allow room for the right desire to come in.

Finally, note that when a desire is not right, we will shed the thought easily. We won’t struggle to get rid of it. It will fall off of our shoulders like a coat, which is not our real physical body. It was never the real us. It was covering the real desire in us. Just let it go.



Empty Your Mind


No words will be used here to explain this statement “Empty Your Mind.” Let each of us simply think about it. Then let’s try to practice it using whichever method comes naturally to each of us. Whatever feels right, flow with it.

Any additional words from me may, in fact, clutter your mind. I won’t share with you what this phrase means to me. I won’t share with you how I use it in my life. I wish for you to find out what it means to you and how you can practice it regularly.

So that’s all for today… “Empty Your Mind.”



Spiritual Alchemy – Uncovering our Inner Gold


Alchemy is the ancient tradition of turning base metals, such as lead, into gold or silver. This was performed by removing the impurities in the base metals in order to produce gold.

(There is so much more one could cover on this ancient tradition but for the purpose of this conversation, this is all we need to know.)

What’s Spiritual Alchemy? Turning lead into gold is a metaphor for human Spiritual transformation. Over time, we accumulate impurities, that is, we accumulate beliefs from our society’s programming. Beliefs that we don’t even realize we now hold. Beliefs that are not our true Spirit. We believe what they believe. We all think alike. As such, we live like everybody else – unique human beings with unique gifts who suppress these gifts in order to live in the same average mediocrity as everybody else.

Spiritual Alchemy is removing these programmed beliefs in order to get back to the gold we were born with. It is about reconnecting with our unique gifts and sharing this uniqueness with the world. 

Not all the programmed beliefs are bad, of course. But we must each find out which beliefs we hold and whether they are actually our beliefs or our friends’, family’s, or society’s beliefs. Then we must establish whether these beliefs help us or cripple us.

How do we do this? Question. Question every “should” or “have to” that pops into the Mind. When the Mind says to us “You should” or “You have to,” ask “Why?”

Why should I? Why do I have to? Is this me speaking or is this my parent speaking? Is this me speaking or is this my friends speaking? Is this me speaking or is this the media speaking?

Question everything. Soon enough, we begin to shed what is not our voice. We begin to shed the impurities, the lead. We then begin to hear our voice that was buried underneath the impurities. We uncover that beautiful treasure we were born with. We uncover our gold.

We are Spiritual Alchemists. The gold is here for the taking.