Financial Freedom is NOT about your Bank Account


Everywhere we turn someone tells us that once we achieve a certain dollar amount in passive income or savings or cash in the bank, then we can relax because we have finally arrived at that ultimate destination – Financial Freedom.

It couldn’t be further from the truth. We could have $100 in the bank or $100 million in the bank and still not feel financially-free. Why? Because financial freedom has nothing to do with the dollar amount in our bank account.

Financial freedom comes from what we believe about this idea called Money. If we believe that money is limited, scarce, and we have to compete and struggle for it, we will never be or feel financially-free.

Let’s use water to explain this. We have a water faucet in the kitchen. Whenever we need water, we turn it on and it delivers water. And it never runs dry. So we may not have a glass of water in our hands right now, but we know that we can access water whenever we need it. We don’t believe water is limited or scarce and that we have to struggle for it. So, we are “water-free.”

The same concept applies to money. Let’s say we need a certain amount of money to purchase a desire. And we don’t have this dollar amount in our bank account at this moment. In this situation, there are 2 types of people and subconscious reactions:

One of these two people believes he can never get the money he needs. The second person believes he absolutely can get this money or any future money he needs at its right time. Both people may have the exact same dollar amount in each of their bank accounts. But only the second person is financially-free.

The individual who learns how to turn on the money faucet when money is needed is financially-free. She doesn’t need to store the money in a bank account to be or feel financially-free. She simply walks over to her inner faucet and turns it on.

That’s real Financial Freedom.