Spiritual Alchemy – Uncovering our Inner Gold


Alchemy is the ancient tradition of turning base metals, such as lead, into gold or silver. This was performed by removing the impurities in the base metals in order to produce gold.

(There is so much more one could cover on this ancient tradition but for the purpose of this conversation, this is all we need to know.)

What’s Spiritual Alchemy? Turning lead into gold is a metaphor for human Spiritual transformation. Over time, we accumulate impurities, that is, we accumulate beliefs from our society’s programming. Beliefs that we don’t even realize we now hold. Beliefs that are not our true Spirit. We believe what they believe. We all think alike. As such, we live like everybody else – unique human beings with unique gifts who suppress these gifts in order to live in the same average mediocrity as everybody else.

Spiritual Alchemy is removing these programmed beliefs in order to get back to the gold we were born with. It is about reconnecting with our unique gifts and sharing this uniqueness with the world. 

Not all the programmed beliefs are bad, of course. But we must each find out which beliefs we hold and whether they are actually our beliefs or our friends’, family’s, or society’s beliefs. Then we must establish whether these beliefs help us or cripple us.

How do we do this? Question. Question every “should” or “have to” that pops into the Mind. When the Mind says to us “You should” or “You have to,” ask “Why?”

Why should I? Why do I have to? Is this me speaking or is this my parent speaking? Is this me speaking or is this my friends speaking? Is this me speaking or is this the media speaking?

Question everything. Soon enough, we begin to shed what is not our voice. We begin to shed the impurities, the lead. We then begin to hear our voice that was buried underneath the impurities. We uncover that beautiful treasure we were born with. We uncover our gold.

We are Spiritual Alchemists. The gold is here for the taking.