One person faces a challenge in life, crushes it, and enjoys success and wealth. Another person faces the same challenge, is crushed by it, and suffers in misery and poverty.

What’s the reason for the different results? The questions nurtured in each mind facing the challenge. The questions you nurture in your mind bring the answers you live in your life.

The Wealth in Questions feeds your mind powerful questions and insights to nurture your mind and connect to your success. You will learn:

  • Wealth – Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Financial Wealth – must flow to grow.
  • Doing nothing but sitting silently is the most difficult and most important work you must do for success.
  • You are a custodian of your wealth, not an owner. Therefore, you can lose nothing and need fear nothing.
  • Get off the competitive level playing field, bring your unique eccentricities to your work, and create your own field.
  • Replace the question “What is my purpose in life?” with “What is my purpose in this moment?”
  • And much, much more…

Every success or failure in your life is created by your mind. You Are in mind, and then You Become in reality for the world to see.

The Wealth in Questions will show you that you never need to chase success and wealth. You need to ask the questions in this book and absorb these insights that every successful and wealthy mind holds, and success and wealth will chase you.