Over the years, I’ve had a ton of very insightful conversations with readers of my book The Wealth in Questions: Audacious Insights in Success & Wealth. The sole purpose of the book was to arouse that dormant but eternally wise part of us using one of the most valuable gifts we all have – the ability to question.

So I asked myself a question: Why not occasionally share my questions about success & wealth with you & everyone so we all put our powerful human minds to work?

After all, wealth is in the questions, not the answers. And with this blog, like the book, it’s not about the answers or coming to rigid conclusions… it’s about the questions.

So just by asking questions, and thinking about our own unique answers to these questions, we all prosper, do we not?

Kris Tabetando
Author, The Wealth in Questions: Audacious Insights in Success & Wealth