Why is Wealth always over “there”?


It’s in the news every year: That guy over there came up with that simple idea and made it big. That woman over there came from poverty, worked hard, and achieved massive success and wealth. Wealth is always over there, with that other person. We seem to always be watching that person over there.

What about this person here? Why can’t that news story be about this person here now? Why not us? Why is the success and wealth always with that person over there in that place over there?

And if we do believe that we can accomplish as much as that successful person, we see it over there, in the future. Hence we dutifully create 5- and 10-year plans. After all, success and wealth cannot be here. It must be at a different place and different time. Surely not here. Surely not now.

This is society’s programming at work. Success and wealth is over there: That person, that place, that time. Definitely not here. Definitely not now. Right?

From childhood, we are taught to look out there. What we desire is out there. Reality television shows are so popular because they enable us to watch those other people live and thrive or self-destruct. We study successes or failures in books, magazines, on television, or on the Internet. Due to programming, we instinctively watch that person over there. He or she has the life that we want. Our life sucks.

Interesting programming, huh? Any form of entertainment will do. Anything to distract us from looking at the face in the mirror. Anything to distract us from looking within ourselves. Anything to prevent us from looking at the success and wealth we carry around in us from our first breath to our last breath.

The same Source that that successful person tapped into to receive his or her success and wealth is freely available to all of us, all of the time. That Wisdom, that wealth, is here, now, forever. The same Source that Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci and others tapped into for their wealth is here now available to each of us in the exact same measure. No more, no less. The Source does not discriminate. None of these successful individuals had any more rights to this wealth than any of us. They were ordinary men and women who looked within themselves here and now. They asked and they received.

So, for a few minutes each day, let’s stop staring at that other person. Let’s put the 5- or 10-year plans away for just a moment. Tomorrow does not exist. All our life is here and now. What do we feel in our here and now? Not in that place over there. Not at that time in the future. Here. Now.

We may not feel or see much today because we lack experience in listening to ourselves. We’ve been so busy listening to that other person’s noise that our senses are numb to our own voice. But let’s keep at it for a few minutes each day. Soon we begin to feel these subtle urges. This subtle guidance. There it is. It has always been there. That is us. The real us. Our success. Our wealth. Here. Now.


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